Sportout Bicycle Air Pump, Portable Frame Pump with Manometer, Floor Pump with Fixed Frame, Schrader Valve and Presta Valve, Men & Women

$23.45 USD

ALUMINUM ALLOY MATERIAL & COLD AND HEAT RESISTANT HOSE: The bicycle pump body is made of aluminum alloy, which makes it strong and durable. The surface is treated by anodizing process to improve wear resistance and prolong service life. High quality hose is heat-resistant and cold resistant, and can keep soft even when the temperature is unstable.

 EXTERNAL GAS GAUGE: The external gas gauge with 160PSI was added on the bicycle pump to show the real-time data of air pressure directly and prevent the tire from bursting due to overinflation.The unique structural design allows you to easily pump air into a high pressure state

 GAS RELEASE VALVE: We thoughtfully designed the air release valve on the pump. When you inflate too much, you only need to press the valve gently to discharge the gas, so as to protect the tire and avoid the situation of flat tire.

 DOUBLE VALVE DESIGN & TWO-WAY USAGE: You can freely switch between schrader valve and presta valve by turning the head of the nozzle. This lightweight bicycle pump in 28.5 cm long and weighing only 180g has a aluminum alloy pedal and antiskid base, which make it can be use in two ways(Hand inflation or standing inflation), meets your needs in different occasions.

 WIDE AREAS OF APPLICATION & GUARRANTEE: With its powerful performance, it is suitable for many applications, such as mountain bikes, racing bikes, bicycle bikes, BMX, commuters and school bikes. (Note: If the tires of the individual models are too small, the valve of this pump could not be connected to the tire.) In addition, this bicycle air pump can inflate basketball, football, balloons, swim rings and inflatable toys using the valve adapter.

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